Adult Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery


When I began my orthopedic training at the University of Cincinnati in 1976 “low friction arthroplasty” had been available in the United States for less than a decade. I have participated in the development of what is contemporary hip and knee replacement surgery which now, according to studies by the NIH, is one of the most successful procedures in modern medicine with respect to restoration of quality of life for the recipients of this technology and over-all patient satisfaction. During my 30 years of private practice I have concentrated my efforts in this area and for the past two decades adult reconstructive surgery has occupied the majority of my clinical activity. I am a member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, an organization that recognizes those individuals who have devoted their activities to this sub-specialty.

In addition to my practice I have been gratified by my association with many of the scientists and engineers who have developed contemporary implants and have been privileged to add my perspectives on surgical technique and implant design. I have had the opportunity to be associated with the leading manufacturers and to help advance the introduction of these products to start-up entrants in the field. This experience has given me a depth of knowledge I might not otherwise have gained. Today I am an active participant in user groups, regional, and national seminars on this topic. I maintain a rigorous program of continuing medical education in this field. In cases involving prosthetic hips and knees I have experience as the orthopedic expert witness.

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