What is a Medical Record Review?
By Marc J. Rosen MD
December 19, 2017

Find out how medical record reviews from an orthopedic medical professional could benefit your next court case.medical record review

We know how important it is for everyone to be able to get not only the medical care they need but that they also get the proper services they require based on their own personal health needs and goals. From allergies to certain medications to pre-existing conditions, it’s important that our Phoenix, Arizona orthopedic expert Dr. Marc Rosen tells you how medical record reviews ensure that you get the tailored care you deserve time and time again.

By reviewing our patients’ medical records we ensure that we are doing everything possible to create accurate and thorough notes regarding your health. Everything from lab and imaging tests to other services and procedures you’ve received from us or outside providers, we make sure that we record organized, accurate and precise information regarding your health. Not only is this important to providing you with the medical treatments and services you need but it also ensures that there are fewer issues when your health insurance when filing a claim.

Since our Phoenix, Arizona orthopedist is also an expert witness, Dr. Rosen has to go through countless court documents and make statements and conclusions based on the information provided by medical records. While there are other doctors that are part of a person’s medical team we provide an orthopedic eye to interpret imaging and lab tests that technicians may not have detected.

Our goal is to leave no medical details unturned, which can be a major boon for legal and investigative purposes. Having an orthopedic expert witness to provide thorough medical interruptions that may be overlooked and might go undetected by other medical professionals such as nurses or techs is vitally important for many legal cases.

It’s important to have a medical professional on your side to provide expert advice on a patient’s medical records. Most medical records can be rather lengthy and it can be easy for a non-expert to miss something. Dr. Rosen can improve the speed and accuracy of analyzing medical records for an insurance claim or court case while also offering up a shrewd eye for detail and to analyze the medical care timeline to look for certain patterns of medical care they should have happened but might not have. For example, did the nurse check the patient’s chart to make sure they had no medical allergies before administering certain medications?

Whether you have questions about the medical record review process and how it could benefit your legal team or you are a patient who just needs to schedule an orthopedic consultation to handle your issues, trust our very own Phoenix, Arizona orthopedic specialist. Schedule an appointment with us today.