What Is An Independent Medical Examination?
By Marc J. Rosen MD
August 01, 2017

Those who have been injured and require an unbiased medical examination for workman’s compensation or insurance purposes shouldIndependent Medical Exa, undergo an independent medical examination. Find out more about independent medical examinations with Dr. Marc Rosen, The Orthopedic Expert, in Phoenix, AZ.

What is an independent medical examination? 
Independent medical examinations are often required by employers or insurance carriers to determine that the injured party receives the best and most beneficial treatment. These examinations usually happen where liability is concerned, such as after a work-related injury. The examination takes advantage of a doctor who has no ties with the patient and can provide an accurate, unbiased opinion on the extent of the injury.

How can an independent medical examination benefit me? 
If you were injured and another party is liable, you will probably require an independent medical examination. Before the examination, your doctor reviews all of your medical files, gathering information on your condition and evaluating the injury in question’s long and short term effects on your health. The examination itself occurs after the evaluation of your files and assesses the injury, your symptoms, and your current condition.

Independent Medical Examinations in Phoenix, AZ
Independent medical examiners such as Dr. Rosen take a professional approach to this important task and discuss the results of your independent medical examination with the requesting parties, never the patient. Dr. Rosen and his practice will not offer treatment to a patient who has undergone an independent medical examination. This allows the opinions formed during the independent medical examination to be fair, ethical and objective.

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