What You Should Know About Medical Testimony
By Marc J. Rosen MD
September 19, 2017
Tags: Medical Testimony  

If you've developed a disability or chronic pain due to a medical error or are involved in a workers compensation or personal injury case, medical testimonytestimony from a medical expert can play an important role in ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve. Arizona orthopedic expert witness Dr. Marc Rosen answers a few questions about medical testimony.

Who qualifications must expert medical witnesses have?

Expert medical witnesses have extensive skill and experience in particular areas of medicine, such as pediatrics, neurology or orthopedics. Expert witnesses perform independent medical examinations, evaluate the results of diagnostic tests and provide testimony in court and in depositions and reports. Experts are usually qualified to offer expert opinions on a variety of conditions. For example, Dr. Rosen frequently testifies in cases involving adult hip and knee replacement surgery, orthopedic trauma and fractures, orthopedic nursing and rehabilitation standards and orthopedic implants, design and application and surgical devices.

What is the role of medical testimony?

Discussion of diseases and conditions often involve unfamiliar terms and complicated explanations. Medical experts help judges and jurors understand complex terminology, allowing them to make informed verdicts and decisions. When a medical expert testifies in a malpractice case, they discuss the normal standard of care for the injury or illness and explains if a doctor's failure to follow the usual standard of care resulted in an injury to the patient. The expert also discusses the significance of tests and medical records and explains the results of the medical examinations they conducted.

How quickly are reports prepared?

Prompt results are important if you're involved in a legal matter. Failure to provide reports as soon as possible can cause delays in your case or lawsuit and prolong your suffering. If you visit Dr. Rosen's Arizona office for an independent medical examination for personal injury, workman's compensation or medical liability cases, results will usually be available in about 72 hours.

Hopefully, you'll never need the services of an expert medical witness. However, if you're ever involved in an accident at work or experience an injury or disability due to negligent medical care, medical testimony can help you win your case. If you can benefit from the services of an orthopedic expert witness, call Arizona orthopedic surgeon Dr. Marc Rosen at (602) 446-7846 to schedule an appointment.