Orthopedic Expert Witness Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are Dr. Rosen’s fees determined?

A: Our fees as orthopedic expert witness are based on the usual and customary Arizona fee schedule that is accepted by MICA (Mutual Insurance Co. of Arizona) the state’s leading medical liability carrier.  Fees for IME are those accepted by ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona). Special projects for institutions are by quote and mutually agreed upon in advance.

Q: What if travel is required?

A: Travel within the state of Arizona is based on current IRS mileage rates. Travel outside Arizona is reimbursed on prevailing Internet coach airfare, accommodations are “business class” (Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott) and are reimbursed upon presentation of documentation. If overnight stay is required a per diem rate will be determined in advance and is in addition to services rendered.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: IME’s cannot be cancelled and fees refunded less than three business days prior to the scheduled date of the examination. Trial dates and deposition dates require one week’s notice for refund of fees.

Q: Can I call to discuss a case prior to sending records?

A: Orthopedic Expert Witness Dr. Rosen will be happy to discuss by phone the merits of any case and to answer any questions without cost or obligations. If, after services are retained, telephonic consultation is requested it must be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and prevailing MICA rates will apply.

Q: Are you willing to take plaintiffs’ cases?

A: Clearly the merits of the case will speak for themselves. If the standard of care has clearly been breached, and represents a failure that Dr. Rosen considers true negligence based on the then current medical literature there is no discrimination between defense and plaintiff. In personal injury cases the burden of proof must exist within the objective evidence contained in the medical record.

Q: Does Dr. Rosen accept liens?

A: We cannot accept liens on future settlements regardless of the merits of the case.

Q: What cases will the doctor not review?

A: Orthopedic Expert Witness Dr. Rosen will not review or advise on cases involving current or prior practice associates. He will not consider any case in which he considers there to be a conflict of interest or in which he has treated the patient or family member.

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