Independent Medical Examination

Independent Medical Examination

An IME is not necessarily linked to services as an orthopedic expert witness. I have found that a concise injury/disability IME is more important than parroting back the entire medical record and supplying a template examination.  I have reviewed IME’s where it is apparent that little thought went into the question posed and a great effort was made to produce a voluminous document that would justify an inflated fee. While a review of the medical history is an important part of a complete evaluation it must be summarized as to the salient content as it relates to the questions posed in requesting the independent evaluation. Most importantly, I feel it is unethical for an examiner to offer diagnostic opinion or treatment recommendations during or after an examination. I will never offer to treat nor will my practice accept for treatment anyone who has been the subject of an independent medical examination. My services are as stated; entirely independent and will not be prejudiced in any way. My opinions are expressed to the requesting agency, law firm, or insurance adjustor only and never discussed with the patient. My acceptance of a patient for IME is not an offer to treat or prescribe in any way.

I prepare for an IME well in advance with a complete review of records and will dictate that portion in advance so as to limit any inconvenience or waiting time for the examinee. The results of the examination portion are dictated as soon as the evaluation is complete and electronically submitted for transcription immediately upon completion. Generally the finished document is available within three working days and no document will leave my office till it is proof read by me first and then a final review before signature. Email, FAX or postal mail delivery is at the discretion of the requesting party.  Verbal reports can be scheduled for the day of the examination but I should be noticed in advance so we can communicate in a timely fashion.

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