Orthopedic Expert Witness

Orthopedic Expert Witness

As an orthopedic expert witness I have had deposition and trial experience such that there is a comfort level in front of a jury or when being deposed.  I have been coached by experts in the field of witness preparation and have extensive media, public speaking exposure and professional guidance in these areas. I have an understanding of the deposition process and technique. Most importantly I appreciate that a thorough preparation and knowledge of the facts in evidence will lead to the most valuable contribution for which my services are sought.

Orthopedic Expert Witness Cases

In a recent case in which I was called to testify, the opposing expert had repeatedly confounded the jury on a simple point of the anatomy of the elbow. I was able to overcome his obvious misstatement and confusion by reducing the medical terminology to simple mechanical descriptions that any housewife or weekend handyman could understand. I have a profound appreciation that the general public finds medical jargon to be multi-syllabic “double talk.” Physicians who constantly confound jurors and patients with medical terms born of Latin and Greek origins quickly distance themselves from their intended audience and leave the impression of being aloof or arrogant.

I try to involve myself in the preparation of visual evidence for trial. I generally offer suggestions for charts, graphs, anatomic models, or other tangible props to express my testimony. I have also found that being able to get a jury to imagine on their person the injury, anatomic site, or treatment modality has been successful. A direct, eye contact discussion in a mater-of-fact setting is superior to a lecture when discussing a medical procedure or diagnosis with the public. I use this technique in my clinical practice and have found that it carries over well in the courtroom.

In deposition testimony as an orthopedic expert witness I endeavor to reply in answer only to what has been asked avoiding speculation or interpretations unsupported by medical science and the facts supported by the medical records. I have read many depositions where the text alone speaks to the discomfiture and ill preparation of the individual being deposed.

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