Orthopedic Trauma and Fractures

The foundation of orthopedic surgical training is in the treatment of fractures. Every orthopedic resident is exposed traumatic musculoskeletal conditions beginning early in the first year of internship and continuing throughout residency. I completed my residency and internship at The University of Cincinnati Medical Center Hospital a major regional trauma center. My exposure to care of the injured began with intensity. After beginning my practice in Phoenix I continued on the front-line of trauma care. I have been on staff of regional (level one) trauma centers and busy (level two) facilities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.           

Today I no longer take primary emergency room calls but my practice includes the care of post-traumatic conditions and acute fractures. I have had the opportunity to testify as an othopedic expert in a variety of cases where trauma was at issue both with respect to fracture care and other musculoskeletal conditions. I have maintained a keen interest in rehabilitation after injury and have also served as an expert in cases involving physical therapists and rehabilitation after injury or surgical reconstruction. This has included sports related injury as well as vehicular trauma and industrial accidents. I have recently been called upon to testify in a case of severe trauma to the elbow for the defense. My testimony as the orthopedic expert witness was the deciding factor.

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