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Throughout my career I have been a spokesperson. As a hospital chief of staff, as president of the county medical society and state orthopedic society I have been called upon to address the public and my professional colleagues regularly. I thoroughly enjoy these opportunities and am at ease when in front of an audience. I recently presented a community forum for the Arthritis Foundation entitled “Raisins and Gin” in which I addressed scientific fact and folklore surrounding non-surgical treatments for osteoarthritis. I was pleased to hear from the foundation that this was perhaps their most well received and best-attended forum that year.

As healthcare delivery evolves in our country the public is beset by political diatribe and administrative confusion as to how their needs will be met. I have addressed these issues in the halls of congress and in the community center. I have delivered presentations for pharmaceutical companies, the orthopedic industry, professional societies, and charities to public and to professional audiences. It is important for physicians and particularly specialists to be available in order to provide a forum for discussion concerning not only the needs of an aging population, one that increasingly will demand orthopedic services, but also as a sounding board for public discussion on the current events in health policy.

I have no political aspirations or allegiances. I remain fiercely independent from any party affiliation. My activities in the legislative arena have and always will be on behalf of my patients and their access to specialty care services of the highest caliber.

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