Quality Assurance and Institutional Peer Review

Quality assurance activities and peer review have become increasingly important activities in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment. Regardless of what the final form of our nation’s healthcare delivery environment will be, it has become increasingly evident that assessment of quality of care and confirmation that providers adhere to those standards will play an essential role. Having served on numerous professional society and institutional panels entrusted with evaluating those standards I have gained an in-depth understanding of this process. As an orthopedic expert witness I also understand that it is often difficult on the local level to find individuals that are willing to make independent evaluations of peers who may work at the same institution or within the same community.

Assessment of “quality” of care has always been a difficult task. It is evermore apparent however, that the government and the insurance industry seek to enforce guidelines that will be tied to economic indices, reflected in reimbursement to institutions and providers alike. I have assisted hospital and provider alike in developing guidelines and treatment protocols that address these mandates. It is important to stay abreast of developments in this area as it evolves and I continue to be engaged not only with what has transpired in this area but also to provide input to policy makers to help shape the future of my profession. I remain firmly convinced that providers of care are the best architects of this framework and have worked through my involvement in local and national organizations to be sure providers have “a seat at the table.” I have also served on hospital quality panels, assisted in evaluation of surgical infections, peri-operative teaching, and uniform treatment protocols in order to ensure compliance with current standards.

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