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Below is a list of comprehensive professional services of my orthopedic expert witness practice. In thirty years of clinical practice, local, and national leadership in the specialty of Orthopedic Surgery I am able to provide a wide range of clinical and administrative activities.

Orthopedic Expert Witness

As an orthopedic expert witness I will appear if there is sound scientific basis for the cause in which my opinion is requested. My testimony will be based on the standard of care as supported by sound and irrefutable scientific evidence. I consider only peer reviewed medical literature as the basis for support of my opinions. My expertise is in the area of medical liability and personal injury. I also have experience in physical therapy, nursing and institutional standards of care. As a participant in design and application of orthopedic implants and patient care products I am prepared to offer testimony in these areas if called upon to do so.

Medical Record Review

I provide comprehensive review for pending litigation and will advise as to the scientific and factual basis for claims. In doing so I will also opine as to both the merits and potential pitfalls of claims. This is done without prejudice as to defense or plaintiff. Reviews include X-Rays or advanced imaging studies such as MRI or nuclear medicine scans when indicated.
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Independent Medical Examination

Examination for workman’s compensation, personal injury, and medical liability cases are performed in my office by appointment and reports are generally available within 72 hours of the date of the examination.
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Quality Assurance and Institutional Peer Review

I have extensive experience as a committee chairman and as a participant in hospital peer review and quality assurance panels. It is often inadvisable or difficult to obtain a local physician or hospital colleague to review an incident, a physician ethics or behavioral issue. This is an area where outside assistance is needed and is frequently hard to find.

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Evaluation of Hospital Orthopedic Product Line

Having assisted hospital administrations in designing successful orthopedic departments I have developed standardized treatment protocols, peri-operative teaching programs, nursing and rehabilitation pathways to make the orthopedic product line compliant with government mandated standards. This has also resulted cost effective treatment solutions and positioned the institutions where I have practiced to expand market share. As a practicing surgeon I have an appreciation for the burden healthcare reform will place on institutions and surgeons. I have successfully bridged the gap between providers and institutions in achieving mutually beneficial goals.
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Public Speaker on Current Healthcare Topics

I present topics on current orthopedic practice, arthritis care, and wellness issues in an aging population, and have done so for The Arthritis Foundation and a number of professional societies. Talks can be addressed to the general public, hospital personnel, general practice physicians or hospitalists.
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